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Multi-media Native Contemporary Show

Downtempo Music, Dance, VIdeo, Storytelling

One hour multimedia show

50 Shades of Red features Native American down tempo music, film, theatre, dance, and ritual that engages the audience in a journey through multiple planes of love. Featuring the sultry voice and sensual cello playing of Dawn Avery, she sweeps the stage in a blanket dance around the guitar textures and electrifying sounds of Grammy winning artist, Larry Mitchell. They are joined by another Grammy winning artist, Ojibwe/Oneida Ty Defoe whose hypnotic eagle dance, wild hoop dances, and old man archetype weaves through 50 Shades of Red transporting the audience through a journey of passion, heartbreak, and understanding. Sung in both Mohawk and English, the show captures the strength of the heart in the musicians and in all of us.  The theme of the show, produced using both traditional and contemporary sensibilities, is all about love - for another, for a lover, for a sister, a brother, all of Creation and future generations.

“To me, Dawn Avery is like a storyteller, reminding us what is real, what is beautiful…opening our hearts to what has always been there, love; all shades of love put us at ease in acceptance and unity… through her voice and music the whole place was filled with love, joy, and healing.” 

Scharzade Eini, fan

strawberry field forever artistic music video

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1. My Heart is Strong                           Torch song


2. Ndn Girl on Top                               "Sexy political"

3. Strawberry Field Forever                 Mohawk erotica


4. Otsiketa  (Beloved)                           Mystical Love Song

5. Two Spirit                                           Haunting Electronics and strings

6. Heart Shadows                                 Instrumental


7. Bear Tracks                                       Groove in Mohawk and English,                                                                    instrumental


8. 50 Shades of Red Part 1                  Piano Solo and Strings

9. 50 Shades of Red Part 2                   Love ballad

10. 50 Shades of Red Part 3                 Electric guitar reprise

11. My Life With You                              Mohawk electronic

12. Non:wa Tsiotkon (Now, Always)”   Euro-electronic 

Hope that you may get to experience at least 50 Shades of love. . . 

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