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Love songs for the spirit!  For a world that wants change . . .


'Circling' - waiting for the beloved who is circling around us; inspired by the spiritual movement of many of the sacred traditions including the Whirling Dervishes, Blanket and Hoop dancers








"Dreaming' dreaming of a new life, hoping for a different future

'Superhero' - to all the superheroes in your life and your own heroic journey













'Remember You' - our search for remembrance of who we really are and in remembrance of the divine in all of us






'For Your Love' - “seeker whirl, in ecstasy for your love; Sing for your love, pray for your love, dance for your love, be for your love, love for your love”






'Lover Beloved' - coming out of the darkness to be set 


 For Your Love reprise, with just strings








Chill wave music with sensual electronics, guitar and strings, written and performed by Grammy nominated singer/ songwriter Dawn Avery and produced by Grammy winning artist Larry Mitchell.

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