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It’s all about love – for another, a lover, a sister, a brother, all of creation and future generations. 50 Shades of Love, 50 kinds of love sweep over and blanket the listener in this new DOWN TEMPO recording (with a Native American twist!)  50 Shades of Red is also a one-hour theatrical show with music, dance, film, and ritual!

Grammy nominated cellist, vocalist, and songwriter, Dawn Avery calls on her Mohawk heritage to bring new meaning to passion in this newest recording 50 Shades of Red as she makes love to her cello and sings with her smoky voice evoking powerful emotions and beauty. Dawn has created music with Grammy award winning producer and guitar texturalist (and electrifying soloist) that takes you on a journey from start to finish.
















Beginning with the song  “My Heart Is Strong,” (see online video of live performance), she sets the stage with chill percussion, luscious strings, and acoustic guitar solos while singing about our ability to have a strong heart through adversity. Next, Dawn keeps a strong heart by taking charge as an Ndn girl who calls the shots with her cowboy in “Ndn Girl On Top.” You can read into the words as you wish!  A follower on YouTube said it’s the “sexiest political song ever!”


“Strawberry Field Forever” is sung mostly in Mohawk, but even without knowing the meaning, the sensuality seeps in through Dawn’s voice, strings, and Larry’s powerful electric guitar solo. For translation of these juicy lyrics see insert included.  All lyrics are on her website













“Otsiketa” (Beloved) means sugar or sweet one in Mohawk, so be sure to whisper Otsiketa to someone you love (lover, grandparent, pet… of course I imagine the inflection will change depending on who you lean over for that endearment). The song is a heart-warming love song that uses the Mohawk creation story as a metaphor for true love. We believe that a piece of stardust is carried down by the eagles to mix with the waters and create our birth.  Then we return as a falling star comes to bring us back.












“Two Spirit” is dedicated to Ty Defoe (Grammy winning singer/musician) who is playing flute and singing back-up on “Otsiketa.”  This song is about the world of two-spirits who carry their own kind of love.

“Heart Shadows” is a new rendition of a song written by Larry Mitchell – listen to those beautiful guitars, and the conversation between cello and guitar as we all may come out of the shadows the heart may sometimes project.


“Bear Tracks” is a basically a healing song about how a broken heart may feel when someone stomps all over it.  Sorry, but love includes pain, too.











Title Tracks – 50 Shades of Red – be surprised! Best when Parts 1, 2, and 3 are heard in sequence, but can also be heard separately. (In Part 1, I play part of the Khachaturian Toccatta on piano.)



















“My Life With You” is about being in this world with sky beings watching over us – protecting us, guiding us, loving us.


“Non:wa Tsiotkon (Now, Always)” was used in the film “Always Becoming” by Nora Naranjo-Morse.  It’s a song of best wishes for our future generations.  I’d be interested in hearing where this one brings you and what your experience is of this song – actually all the songs. 


Hope to hear from you and that you may experience at least 50 Shades of Red!  

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