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Meditation -Bio

     Dawn Avery has led Interfaith meditation groups and spiritual music pervformances at the Esalen Institute, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Milan Sacred Music Festival, The Open Center,

and Musicales Visuales in

Mexico City.  As a leader of

meditation and creatigity

workshops, she has

worked with great healers

and teachers, such as the

Dalai Lama, Rick Jarow,

Ron Young, Hilda Charleton,

Baba Cerifa, along with

Haudenosaunee elders

Jan Kahehti:io Longboat,

Ray Tewente'se John, and

Frank Teahon:te Miller with

whom she trained in cultural spiritual training, language, and ceremony.  Of Mohawk heritage, Avery's longhouse name is Ieriho:kwats (she digs deeply into her roots to learn) and she is a regular participant in Iroquois ceremonies.  Her guided meditations and teaching employs traditions from around the world, taking aspects of various spiritual practices including Longhouse, Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Animism, focusing on the divine and allowing participants to delve deeper into their individual systems and beliefs to connect with themselves and the world.

       Avery uses meditation and years of experience with

spiritual leaders, shamans, healers, history and myth to help participants uncover their life’s work.  Workshop members learn the art of manifestation to create work that supports them financially as well as spiritually, leading to greater personal freedom and social impact.  She runs regular meditation groups

in the Washington DC metro area.


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Rapidly Approaching Ecstasy 

for meditations, teachings and

free music selections


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Rapidly Approaching Ecstasy

Music for Meditation and Movement 

Dawn Avery & Larry Mitchell

​World Music Grooves for meditation, ecstatic dance and yoga.  Each of the CD’s seven tracks is named for a particular chakra of tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism (chakras are focal points found at the center of living things, both receiving and transmitting energy).  The CD includes tracks in Mohawk, Tibetan, Farsi, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Spanish. 

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Alchemy: Music for Meditation

Sonic meditations help ease you into a still place where you may rest, convene with your inner voice and emerge with renewed energy. These tracks are also available with guided meditations by Dr. Rick Jarow as part of the Alchemy of Abundance book/CD (SoundsTrue).

Dawn Avery (cello/chant)   with Reza Derakshani (Persian setar and ney, voice) and Tom McGrath (hand drum), N. Scott Robinson (sanza, mbira, berimbau), Ron Warren (Native American flute).

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